Client info


   All  session are done in my home studio or sometimes outside if the weather is good.
My style is relaxed, full of fun and creative.  The newborns are my passion and my favourite subject to photograph.
Make sure your baby is rested. If your baby is not feeling well it’s better to change a day of  the session.
Your tiny newborn will grow very fast as each day passes…to a little baby, then a toddler!




  Where book your newborn session during your pregnancy we will then set up the exact session date and time once your precious baby is born. Newborn shoot should be done within the first 18 days of life when babies are still very small and sleepy and still have the curl that is so amazing to capture and remember forever.
When they sleep we can easily move them into various positions. Newborn session take a bit longer than the other session, therefore we would need to spend more time together. Please allow 2-4 hours for this kind of session. Newborns are usually shoot naked. This way is easier to capture theirs tenderness and innocence. I will also have my large collection of funny hats, tutu dresses and cocoons.


Here are a few suggestions of  what to  bring for the  session…


  • baby shoes
  • sun dress
  • scan photo
  • baby clothes
  • Bring anything you feel comfortable in and LOVE
  • toys
  •  colour clothes – avoid clothes with logo
  • gummies
  • accessories, such as jewellery, summer hats, handbags, balloons, lollipops, antique items …
  • own pets



Your pictures will be ready to view within 1-2 weeks from the session.